Welcome to the Aesedra and Fels Wiki!

This is my third attempt at a wiki that covers the worlds where most of my fantasy fiction takes place. Aesedra and Fels. A little while ago, I decided I would join the two worlds together, that is, link them via fiction, although they are very much different in character. Aesedra isn't a world per se, it's an empire on the world of Cauix, though most folk there aren't even aware their planet has a “proper” name and just call it the Earth or “world” in their own tongue.

Fels is an honest-to-goodness planet complete with seas and everything! It even has a moon!

Fels is decidedly the more weirder of the two, as the effects of the Collision are felt far more there than in Aesedra. Aesedra, additionally, has some very long standing customs and religious practices that preclude the practice of magic (or even the mention of the word). Oh, magic exists (primarily through the agency of alchemy) and it's a wonderful place (yes, I do say so) but it doesn't have Fels' sheer, utter oddball nature.


There's two books based in Fels, and several in Aesedra I'm writing, and these are covered in the Bibliography.

The King of the High Plains cover

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